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SaaS, Technology


Community Cloud, Integrations, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud


  • Needed process for their customers to easily submit and track Support cases, weren’t seeing value in their current ZenDesk solution
  • Sales Team has complex processes for quoting and needed a custom solution
  • Multiple systems being used by different departments that created silos within the company


  • Cloud Haven built a Salesforce Community that walks a Customer through the entire process of submitting a Case and tracking it
  • Sales Cloud was configured to handle the custom quoting process and everything can be done inside of Salesforce 
  • Integrated Slack and Jira into Salesforce and configured the Salesforce security model to ensure integrity of data


  • Customers can use the Community and Salesforce Knowledge to solve a lot of their issues and if they need to submit a Case they feel confident doing it
  • Service and Sales now have a 360-degree view of every Customer in one single platform and can see reports and dashboards to show metrics including CSAT
  • The Sales Team is able to handle all of their processes in one system and can now produce quicker and more accurate quotes

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