BioTAB Healthcare

The Overview


Healthcare, Medical device


Health Cloud, Salesforce Maps, Conga, Zenkraft, Accounting Seed, Healthcare Claims Integration


  • Very manual and high touch insurance claims verification and approval process/tracking that involved copy and pasting from multiple systems and created high risk for data integrity challenges 
  • Inefficiency with field sales reps physician drop in’s and appointments 
  • Time consuming processes between physicians offices and client’s back office processing orders with appropriate prescription, patient medical records collection and documentation. 
  • Manually creating drop ship tickets and reporting on shipping 


  • Implemented Salesforce maps to create field rep to plan out their day in the field to maximize number of physician drop in’s, quickly access directions, and a mobile solution for quickly updating records and notes in Salesforce CRM. 
  • Cloud Haven worked with client to reduce duplicate entries during claims process by creating the claim out of Salesforce Health Cloud where the data originated and automatically send a batch of claims to WayStar via a direct integration multiple times a day and created reporting to quickly see status / errors at a high level. 
  • Conga – Automated the prescription, office notes request, and other medical forms that were manually being created and reduce the amount of duplicate entry and manual work being done by the client.


  • Client now has a streamlined and efficient process for outside sales reps to process prescription orders and upon verification the automation of orders shipping has eliminated the need for manual processes in multiple systems.

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