CMG Financial

The Overview


Finance, Professional Services


Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Ad Studio, Interaction Studio


  • Needed to clean up and restructure their Sales Cloud architecture for enhanced efficiency
  • Needed to migrate their existing marketing campaign for InfusionSoft to Marketing Cloud


  • Established a lead management and conversion process to create a delineation between leads and actual deals / customer contacts in the system. Built a way to check for duplicates in the system before bringing the lead in and to convert a lead to account and opportunity.
  • Built an automation to create multiple opportunities to track different revenue potential based on the client having interest in multiple products.
  • Established a sales management process and configured it on the opportunity object to align well with those processes to effectively track potential revenue and what stage / probability that deal is in.


  • Client now has quick access to referral reporting and is saving several hours from not manualing having to report

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