ELLIGO Health Research

The Overview


Healthcare, Pharma, Clinical Trials


High Velocity Sales, Lightning Dialer, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud


  • A few internal individuals needed to screen through thousands of patients and narrow down potential matches and eligibility for their trials, this was being handled between multiple disconnected systems that made it difficult to prioritize and keep track of which patients needed to be reached out to.
  • Have to make 100-200 calls a day to fill their upcoming studies and trials
  • Need to touch large subset of patients through multiple channels (ie. call, text, email) and accommodate multiple practice location branding


  • Cloud Haven configured High Velocity Sales cadences to handle each unique trial and track where the patient was at within their cadence and what activity needed to be completed next on them.
  • A custom screen flow was built for the internal Elligo employee to ask the unique questions for the trial and the responses are tracked back to the patient record to track eligibility and potential matches
  • Implemented Marketing Cloud email journey to aid in narrowing the list of large patient lists to individuals interested in the trial and is segmented as well as branded for the unique practice they are aligned to.


  • The client has now scaled up from the initial (2) person High Velocity sales test to (10) High Velocity Sales users and have moved thousands of patients into cadences to manage filling their trials. 
  • Elligo’s ability to measure the effectiveness of the eligibility survey questions with Salesforce has allowed them to more efficiently report back to their trial sponsors so that they can adjust and enroll qualified patients for a more successful trial. 

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