The Overview


Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Manufacturing


Community Cloud, Conga Composer, Integrations, Sales Cloud


  • The client received a massive spike in demand for their products during COVID-19
  • High Volume of leads coming in through the website that needed to get routed to sales teams and distributors/resellers 
  • They had limited processes in place to handle and follow up on distributor requests


  • Created custom screen flow to optimize the order entry process, setup products, and price books for more pricing control, automated Quote Generation into a template and integrated with e-signature solution.
  • Setup Partner Community so their distributors could receive leads through auto-assignment rules and submit support requests for Warranty or General Support needs.
  • Integrated the website with Salesforce to capture better information and route to the Sales team automatically.


  • They can now easily associate opportunities with products, create quotes, and manage pricing at a per-product level.
  • Over 1,000 Leads / month auto-assigned to Sales reps and distributors / resellers

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