The Overview




Integrations, Marketing Cloud, PRM, Sales Cloud


  • The client had recently acquired several businesses that were all using different systems and processes
  • Potential patients would book an appointment and not show up and then they would never hear from them again
  • They had no visibility into the activity or results of their Community Managers responsible for building the referral network


  • With Sales Cloud and the Salesforce API we were able to bring all data into a single platform
  • Salesforce and Marketing Cloud were implemented to be the “System of Engagement” for patients
  • We built the Physician Referral Management model so that Community Managers could track their follow up and see their results


  • The client can now report and interact with data from all locations in one system that gives them a holistic view 
  • They have a system that automatically follows up with Potential Patients and increases the amount of converted leads
  • Community Managers now have visibility into who refers the most and who they need to engage with to increase referrals

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