Jason’s Deli

The Overview


Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Retail


Community Cloud, Integrations, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud


  • Client had 200+ restaurant locations with disconnected POS systems and needed remote sales teams to have access to 500,000+ account  data records for multiple locations as well as metrics for 50 person  sales team performance. 
  • Research and development department had no way of communicating with test store location customers about new items in test and were manually gathering surveys at the restaurant location level. 
  • Email platform was not connected to CRM system so sending emails to 2.5M record client list was manual and lacked personalization. 


  • Implemented Sales Cloud and designed an integration utilizing SQL to bring in Aloha Takeout / NCR customer data to create customer records that their sales team could access remotely and complete activities on. Built out KPI’s and designed reports/dashboards around team performance.  
  • Built a customer portal to communicate upcoming test items and a points system to incentivize the customer to complete surveys to get key data on test item feedback.
  • Implemented Marketing Cloud and built data extensions around key customer segmentation.


  • Sales leadership has a window into the performance of their 50 person sales team and areas of opportunity as well as specific key indicators to provide coaching and development on.  
  • The client saw higher customer engagement with customer incentives in place and improved efficiencies at the store level by automating the survey process. 
  • The client saw a time savings in automating customer subscriber email sends and automating weekly sales engagement grouped by customer segmentation. 

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