The Overview


Consumer Goods, Manufacturing


CPQ, Integrations, Sales Cloud


  • The client was merging several companies into a single entity
  • All quoting was done on extremely complex Excel spreadsheets that were very difficult to use and update + quotes can change / orders can change at the last hour and orders need to be adjusted. 
  • Their ERP was not integrated into their Sales Process and all data had to be double entered


  • Cloud Haven worked with stakeholders from all companies in order to streamline processes and improve efficiencies 
  • CPQ was implemented for the companies so that all quoting can be done in Salesforce
    • If a quote is edited then the order is modified and the information is updated in Global Shop 
  • Once an opportunity is closed won an order is created in Salesforce and order information is sent to Global Shop
    • Global Shop info is pushed back into Salesforce 
  • Cloud Haven integrated the ERP system with Salesforce so data can be shared both ways


  • All companies are now on Salesforce and have similar processes opposed to disjointed systems 
  • The sales teams are now able to easily build a quote and email it out while cutting the steps in the process down by more than half
  • Double entry into the ERP is no longer required and inventory can be seen in real time in Salesforce

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