Propel Financial Services

The Overview


Accounting, Finance, Real Estate, Tax


Sales Cloud


  • They were using an outdated 3rd party app to handle the processes their industry requires
  • Legacy data & Salesforce model with reporting challenges due to gaps in data
  • Company Merger with a company that was operating off spreadsheets and paper


  • Migrated to a new Salesforce org where we customized and built automations to replace processes that they were using 3rd party app for
  • Leveraged our partnership with Demand Tools to clean and maintain data 
  • Merged underwriting rules and combined 2 sales team in the system


  • Vast majority of processes can all be completed and reported on in the Salesforce platform
  • With clean data, they are able to produce 50 + auto-generating documents with a couple of clicks for loan originators 
  • Two unique sales teams can work their processes independently in the same system and merge when necessary to complete the process.

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