The Overview


Advertising, Media, Technology


Integrations, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud


  • Client had been using Salesforce for 10+ years it had become bogged down with lots of code and inefficiencies 
  • They acquired several businesses and needed to be able to handle multiple quoting processes
  • Challenged with lack of resources for support and didn’t have efficient processes to handle it


  • We started with  a new, clean Salesforce org and migrated over what was needed from the old org while rearchitecting their processes 
  • We built a custom tool to handle the various ways that a quote could be built out for each of the business units
  • We implemented Service Cloud with intelligent routing and the ability for agents to respond quickly


  • They got a fresh start without any technical debt and were able to process hundreds of thousands of records efficiently 
  • The client saved money of tools that were no longer of any use to them
  • Support cases are now able to be handled by a smaller team and the entire company has a 360-degree view of each customer

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