The Overview




Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Outlook Integration, Global Shop


  • Client had their own home grown database that wasn’t user friendly and did not have a good way to clients, sales, and potential quotes and quote management
  • There was limited access to ERP reporting for sales reps and key employees for inventory and sales tracking purposes
  • Communication to clients for order lifecycle, shipping, and post transaction experience was limited and manual


  • Cloud Haven partnered with the client on their sales process and created automation for sales team cadence and automated emails for client follow-up on potential quotes and created a solution for the tracking of wastewater sector to track revenue with Sales Cloud.
  • Implementation of Marketing Cloud for email sends and automated survey sends to aid in CSAT tracking
  • Integrated order values to where they could track sales and valve automation
  • The service provider created Automations around Opportunities and creating an Order upon opportunity closure as well as a Global Shop Integration to track manufacturing & shipping and to avoid duplicate entry and process inefficiencies.


  • Sales leadership has a window into the performance of their 50 person sales team and areas of opportunity as well as specific key indicators to provide coaching and development on.  
  • The client saw higher customer engagement with customer incentives in place and improved efficiencies at the store level by automating the survey process. 
  • The client saw a time savings in automating customer subscriber email sends and automating weekly sales engagement grouped by customer segmentation. 

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