Expand Access to Salesforce With the Right Licenses

Give More Users Access With Strategic License Purchases
What Are Platform Licenses?

Salesforce Platform licenses are designed to provide companies an ability to expand user access with a cost effective license that gives users the information they need to do their jobs efficiently. Platform licenses provide users with limited access to standard Salesforce features like custom objects, dashboards, reports, and custom applications.

The Advantages of Platform Licenses
  1. Cost: They are less expensive than other full access licenses. This makes them an attractive option to provide Salesforce access to individuals that need information from Salesforce but don’t need the robust functionality of a full license.
  2. Flexibility: Platform licenses help organizations tailor their license purchases around end user needs. At a high level, users with platform licenses can access accounts, contacts, custom objects and reports / dashboards.
  3. Scalability: Are an excellent option for organizations that require a lot of licenses. Depending on the platform license the platform licenses can be as low as ⅙ the cost of a full license.With platform licenses, organizations can give additional employees a license that needs information from Salesforce without incurring unnecessary costs.


Salesforce offers several different types of licenses that vary in terms of features, functionality, and price. Essential licenses are designed to provide basic access to Salesforce, allowing users to view, create, and edit records. Professional licenses offer more advanced features, such as the ability to create custom reports and dashboards, while Enterprise licenses offer even more advanced features, including access to the Salesforce API, workflow automation, and more. It is not possible to mix and match these licenses because each license type is designed to provide access to specific features and functionality within the Salesforce platform.

Platform licenses are special because it is possible to mix and match this license with other Salesforce licenses. For example, an organization may purchase Enterprise licenses for their sales team and platform licenses for their customer support team. The sales team would have full access to the Salesforce platform’s features, while the customer support team would have access to specific functionalities, such as custom objects, dashboards, and reports. This approach can be an effective way to provide cost-effective access to the Salesforce platform while ensuring that users have access to the tools and functionalities they need to perform their roles effectively.

Jason’s Deli Platform License Solution

As a big corporation, Jason’s Deli was having a problem with a large number of stakeholders (300+) that needed information from Salesforce but didn’t have access. Our solution to this issue was adding these extra 300 users on Platform licenses as they only needed limited access to certain data like accounts, contacts, and reports. This saved the company both time and money as it offered them significant control over access to sensitive data and the ability to expand access to those who needed it.

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