How To Succeed As a New Org Adopting Salesforce: Salesforce Associate Certification

The Salesforce Associate certification is an entry-level credential that demonstrates a basic understanding of Salesforce and its various features and functionalities. It is ideal for professionals who are new to Salesforce and want to gain foundational knowledge of the platform, or for organizations that are just starting to adopt Salesforce and need a basic understanding of how it works.

Key Benefits To Obtaining A Salesforce Associate Certification:
  1. Enhanced Understanding of the Salesforce Platform– The Salesforce Associate certification covers the basics of Salesforce, including its architecture, data model, and security features. This foundational knowledge is essential for anyone who will be working with Salesforce on a regular basis, as it provides a solid understanding of how the platform works.

  2. Improved Adoption and Usage of Salesforce– Organizations that are new to Salesforce often struggle with user adoption. By having a team of certified Salesforce Associates, organizations can ensure that their staff have a basic understanding of the platform and are more likely to use it effectively. This can lead to improved adoption which in turn can lead to increased productivity, and profitability.
  3. Save Time and Money– Having a team of certified Salesforce Associates can help organizations save time and money on training and support. Since these individuals already have a basic understanding of Salesforce, they require less training and support than someone who is starting from scratch.
  4. Access to a Supportive Community– This certification provides access to a supportive community of Salesforce professionals. This community provides opportunities to network, share best practices, and learn from other experts in the field. You can attend events, join online groups, and participate in forums to connect with other professionals and expand your knowledge.
Trailheads/Exam Prep/Further Information For Your Salesforce Associate Certification:

Obtaining a Salesforce Associate Certification is a valuable investment for new orgs adopting Salesforce. It enhances your understanding of the platform, improves adoption and usage, saves you time and money, and provides access to a supportive community. If you’re a new org adopting Salesforce, consider pursuing this certification to accelerate your success with the platform.


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