Digital-First Customers: Learning to Adapt in a Post-Covid World

How Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you succeed in the digital-first world

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It’s also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure. The pandemic accelerated changes that were already underway and forced companies across industries to become digital first. Moving forward, customers will continue to gravitate toward those businesses that offer them more choices and a personalized experience.

Buyers have become more comfortable making purchases online and are looking for self-service options. The accelerated timelines for digital transformations have also opened the door for new revenue streams like subscriptions or usage pricing. And with rapidly changing market conditions, it’s more important than ever to monitor business health in real-time and pivot go-to-market strategies quickly.

All of this requires companies to update or roll out new sales processes and sales tools. These solutions must be seamlessly connected to customer data and easy to use. Reps don’t have time or tolerance for fragmented solutions and process inefficiency. They’re not interested in technology stacks that force them to switch between systems or enter data twice. And although sales was in many ways the first remote team, reps need to stay connected with the rest of the organization to deliver a unified customer experience.

The solution for many of our clients is Sales Cloud from Salesforce:

Sales Cloud brings together all your customer data, including information residing in legacy systems, to create a single source of truth. This enables you to build a 360˚ view of each customer—from direct sales to partner sales, from inquiry to invoice, from customer promise to customer success. Rather than stitching together dashboards across different point solutions, now you can see the big picture in one place. With total visibility across your forecast and revenue KPIs, you can make data-driven decisions in real time.

With your organization running on Salesforce, you can make better use of your data and work together to drive growth:

  • Manage all your routes to market on a single platform to provide a consistent experience across sales channels.
  • Increase customer engagement at every touchpoint, helping reps build trusted relationships.
  • Unlock new opportunities for growth with every sales process powered by a comprehensive, single source of truth for customer data, easy-to-use analytics, and embedded AI.

  • Automate the revenue lifecycle from quote to order to invoice, boosting sales velocity while also ensuring compliance with business rules and accounting regulations.
Sales Cloud in Action- Customer Story- Removery

Our client was tasked with changing the company’s sales technology to cut down on time wasting errors and keep up with the needs of an increasingly digital-first customer base. Cloud Haven implemented Sales Cloud to create a single source of customer information which increased productivity in lead conversations as scheduling users were empowered to work from one system. In addition, this implementation reduced the duplicate data entry across multiple systems to provide the company consistent & accurate KPI reporting. 

Key reasons companies are moving to Sales Cloud
  • Digital selling and buying- Companies can boost revenue and transform the customer experience with a digital-first sales platform across every touchpoint, sales channel, and revenue stream.
  • Intelligent Engagement- Sales Cloud allows businesses to power every aspect of the sales process with a 360˚ view of  the customer and embedded AI – from smart territory planning, to personalized rep coaching, to accurate forecasting.
  • Easy to set up and use- Organizations can start fast with essentials, simplify scale with industry solutions, and then grow as their business expands and more sales reps come on board.
  • Trusted by leaders and customers- Sales Cloud is built on long-lasting relationships with the #1 CRM from Salesforce, the world’s largest partner ecosystem, and a community of over 2,000,000 users.
Giving your teams the power to do their best work

With Sales Cloud, you can help make work more rewarding for your reps by providing new ways
to connect with customers. Whether it is about building rapport over a virtual conference call or
understanding if an in-person visit is appropriate, Sales Cloud provides the solution. At the same time, managers can analyze and determine the best practices for the team and make sure every member in it is feeling supported and motivated.

How to get started

As a Salesforce partner that specializes in healthcare, financial services, retail and consumer goods, and technology, Cloud Haven can implement Sales Cloud quickly and efficiently. We’ll help you not only adapt to the “new normal” but thrive in the era of the digital-first customer.