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Salesforce Spring ‘23 Releases

The New Releases Are Now Live

This product release by Salesforce includes tons of new features and updates that went live on February 13th. Salesforce does product releases three times per year (Winter, Spring and Summer) and the mandatory parts of these updates are implemented for all customers automatically.

Release Highlights
  • Account Discovery
    • This is a new pre-built discovery dashboard that’s accessible from the account list view. It’s built on CRM Analytics and uses Einstein to provide a configurable view of scores related to the health and upside of your accounts. This in turn gives you a holistic view of accounts with the potential for growth and the ones that need more attention based on their scores.
  • WhatsApp Integration
    • This is a new direct integration between Salesforce and Whats App that will finally allow direct communication between the two systems. WhatsApp will integrate with Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Commerce Cloud “to support promotional and customer service messaging, and soon, transactional conversational commerce capabilities” (Salesforce). This will help create a seamless experience for customers which will increase both engagement and satisfaction.
  • Service Process Automation
    • Within Financial Service Cloud, firms now have access to automated processes that will walk a user step by step through common service requests. They will also have access to click and point low / no code process tools and pre-built templates to help reduce costs and increase productivity.
  • Automotive Cloud Intelligence
    • Pre-built KPIs and dashboards will now be available within Automotive Cloud. This will give companies the ability to dive deeper into performance and vehicle reports with AI insights.
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