Demystifying Salesforce: Integrating Quickbooks with Salesforce

A Financial & CRM Integration Case Study –  Infrared Cameras Inc

Customer Background:
Infrared Cameras Inc is a company that develops thermal cameras and infrared systems to boost both safety and efficiency across various industries. Their mission is to “manufacture the most sensitive, accurate, and competitively priced infrared cameras in the world” and revolutionize temperature screening technology. Located in Beaumont Texas, they establish versatile solutions for clients in Aerial, Medical, Industrial, and Electrical industries.

Sales and accounting processes are at the core of every business. Yet these processes are often handled with separate systems. Syncing these systems was the first challenge we identified with ICI. Secondary to connecting their business systems, we also needed to focus on personalizing the ICI customer experience. ICI was growing and business volume was increasing. The increased volume enunciated these key challenges. The difficulties of manual entry between two disconnected systems – sales and accounting – created an even bigger divide as they grew, and it became apparent they needed a way to bring the two systems together.

ICI needed both a CRM and financial tool that would work together, and Cloud Haven’s solution to their disparate systems was the integration and configuration of Salesforce and Quickbooks. Both of these systems are incredibly powerful, and for ICI we needed to expose the right level of data to make the two work together. As integration experts, we were able to configure their system so that the entire user experience could be customized directly out of Salesforce.

Key benefits of Salesforce and Quickbooks Integration:

  1. Completely cut out the need for duplicate entry and in turn reduced human error
  2. Everything for both sales and accounting can be tracked & customized out of Salesforce
  3. Increase in efficiency as both teams (accounting and sales) don’t have to map things back and forth to each other
  4. Bring down overhead through the use of automation

Our solution gave ICI a full circle connection as all the information they needed is now in one place and automation actions are connected to this information within their new and improved system. This integration setup is powerful because it gives both Salesforce and Quickbooks the ability to do what they do best within their own systems without wasting time transferring and reentering data back and forth between the two. The disconnected pieces of ICI’s organization now sit under one seamless system giving the company not only an increase in efficiency, but a new valuable reporting perspective based around financial and client data.